Missionary or Colonizer Missionary or Colonizer Missionary or Colonizer

Bruce Olson Missionary or Colonizer? 
                                                        By Andres Küng

An American of Swedish descent, Bruce Olsson has told his fantastic life as a missionary among the Motilone (Bari) Indians of Colombia, South America, in his best-selling book Bruchko.  Many wondered, even doubted, if the remarkable events which the book portrays were actually true.  French and Swedish anthropologists called him an American hacienda owner making the Motilones his personal colony.  They accused him of destroying the pristine innocence of an aboriginal tribe.

Andres Küng is the top-notch television and newspaper reporter who set out to investigate the charges.  This book is the intriguing account of Küng's on-the-spot investigation in Colombia.

            Why were the derogatory charges made?
            What had some anthropologists hoped to gain?
            What was Bruce Olsson really doing?

In a day when many humanistic scientists are urging Third World countries to expel literacy experts and other missionaries working among tribal peoples, this is an important book -- one you will want to read and share.

"Bruce Olson is one of the most challenging pieces on a missionary loner in our time.  The character of Bruce Olson is finally vindicated but much more than that comes out.  Here is an accurate, colorful profile of an Indian tribe in Colombia caught against the background of pressures that almost destroyed them.  A missionary classic, must reading for anyone concerned with the true method of carrying the compassion of God to a needy people."

-- James L. Johnson
President of Evangelical Literature Overseas

(Andres Küng is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics, has traveled to about one hundred countries and speaks a dozen languages.  Formerly the editor-in-chief of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation's daily cultural and debating program, he then became a freelance writer and journalist.  Active in political and journalistic circles, he has been honored by the underground resistance movements of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well for outstanding journalistic and literary achievement by the Swedish Writer's Association.)

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